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An air flow barrier system that prevents the wasteful escape of cooling air through voids in a 19-inch cabinet or through the floor. 

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Even a fully populated cabinet can lose in the region of 50% of cooling air through escape routes which are outside the perimeter of the 19-inch equipment field. This causes massive wastage of cooling energy, increasing carbon footprint and reduces the cooling effect of the Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC).


TecSpur's Air-Lokk range effectively closes these escape routes ensuring that cooling air flows only through the active equipment present in the cabinet. Significant energy savings can be achieved and the CRAC will be less stressed, improving efficiency.

AIR-LOKK Floor Gland

Offering dramatic performance enhancements

AIR-LOKK Floor Gland

A totally unique concept that corrects inadequacies in old fashioned floor grommets

Two issues are of significant importance to separate Cold and Hot Air via any grommet. i.e.

 Cold air pressure should not lift the brush strip seal and escape

 Hot air should not be sucked downwards into the cold air flow


The AIR-LOKK floor gland is pre-stressed to resist air pressure. The patented system provides firm support to both ends of the brush and the brush tips press down, onto the radiused sides of the grommet, acting like leaf springs. This imparts greater resistance to air pressure.


Features and Benefits

Provides a higher level of air blockage when cabled

Is more protective of fragile data cable

Separates power cable from data cable

 Ease of use

Provides visual and physical access to the underfloor

One Air-Lokk Floor Gland achieves all of  install needs i.e. Surface Mount, Drop     In or Retro-Fit


Cut-out size in floor tile: 270mm x 185mm (105/8” x 75/16”)

 Fixing centres: 281mm x 195mm (111/16” x 711/16”)

 Overall dimensions: 296mm x 210mm x 40mm (113/4” x 81/4” x 19/16”)

 Height above floor tile (when fitted into floor tile): 3mm (flange thickness) (1/8”)

 Height above floor tile (when fitted above floor tile): 40mm (19/16”)

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  Now available exclusively through CMS plc.
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